Recording Project

Circa '95


In '95, R.E.X. Records (long since defunct) offered a 1 album deal to Grant Mohrman and Lyndon Perry (Lp) for a side project. The 2 split songwriting, both contributing balls-out guitar riffs over programmed drums. Grant knew of a singer, Derek Cilibrasi, who tracked vocals for the album.

On November 7, 1995, Lemonade was released. A few months later, Derek and Lp decided to play out live to support the album. Derek called on drummer, Geoff Laforet, and the core of LDB circa '95 was born.

LDB 2020

In mid-2017, Derek, Geoff, and Lp got "together" for the first time since 1998. The initial discussion went something like, "Hey, what about a Lemonade follow-up?" At that time they decided to develop a new act, bangupstate (look it up wherever you stream music).

Fast-forward to January of 2020, the Lemonade conversation resurfaced. We started a second season of our group podcast (Season 2 of Cheap Flight) to hash it out. What is (likely?) obvious at this point is the decision to move forward with said follow-up.

The work began in March. The 3 reached out to manager/mentor/friend, Ryan Richardson, who was largely responsible for picking up the band where R.E.X. dropped off. The group selected 5 tracks, one of which is a complete 2020 refresh of a track from Lemonade, the message for which has never (unfortunately) been more urgent.

Feel This

Cheap Flight Podcast

On one of the most important days in history, November 3, 2020, LDB dropped Feel This. The new 5-song EP is available on Bandcamp.

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